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Death Couture

By: Megg Morbid

Upcoming Events

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5/9/2020 Oddities & Curiosities Expo Columbus, OH

6/6/2020 Winston-Salem Oddities Market

7/11/2020 Blobfest Phoenixville, PA

7/18/2020 Oddities & Curiosities Expo Detroit, MI

8/15/2020 Oddities & Curiosities Expo Buffalo, NY

9/19/2020 Pittsburgh Oddities

10/10/2020 Nashville Oddities Market

11/14/2020 Oddities & Curiosities Expo Tamp, FL

11/21/2020 Oddities & Curiosities Expo Richmond, VA


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Death Couture is an odd collection of Jewelry & Curio Pieces. Hand-made using the finest bones, bugs, & peculiar artifacts.

We specialize in authentic skull jewelry, Victorian inspired shadow boxes, Steampunk jewelry, professionally cleaned skulls, & Gothic inspired decor.

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